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Welcome to Clinecta

Clinecta is a distance learning software development company. Clinecta is dedicated to the improvement of the learning experience through the development, and use of e-learning products and technologies that enhance education.

Rapid Universal Compliance.
Whether it is a change in software, a change in a federal law or a decision made in the boardroom, with tLM (the Logistics Matrix) an organization can confirm understanding in every impacted employee in a global organization virtually overnight.

The Learning Matrix

With the Learning Matrix, Clinecta Can:

Improve Educational Content Effectiveness
Enhance Educational Content Delivery and Development
Enable Remote Meetings and Virtual Classrooms
Provide Remote Customer Service and Support
Provide Remote Technical Services and Training

Clinecta is proud to offer a new modularized multimedia learning system. See tLM in action now.

With Modular Learning Media, Clinecta can help you broadcast more than ideas.


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